Privacy Statement

What we don't collect

  • Your translation data (your source text and/or your target text) will never be collected by us. You connect directly to the machine translation servers. Check the Privacy Statement of the MT providers you use for more information about how they handle your data.
  • When you use the built-in proxy, your translation data passes through our proxy server encrypted.
  • We have no way to obtain your credit card information. Such information is processed exclusively by the payment service provider.

What we save on our server

  •, our reseller, sends us your personal information you provide when you make a payment.
  • We save your language pair information so that we can better communicate with you.
  • we save your IP.
  • We save the number of characters you translate using GT4T.
  • We save a unique hardware code that serves as a "fingerprint" of your hardware for licensing purposes. It contains no information about your actual hardware configuration.
  • The time when you most recently used GT4T to translate.
  • The name of the MT engines of which you pick the translations may be collected anonymously to help us determine the quality of MT engines.

Your information is saved on a server located in London, United Kingdom, and backed up to a server located in Los Angeles, California.

Situations when a third party is involved

  • makes use of Google analytics code on the site. Google knows when you visit
  • Your IP is submitted to when you use Amazon Translate or IBM Watson Translator so that the GT4T app can know you location and connect you to the nearest Amazon Translate or IBM server, thereby providing you with the fastest and most responsive service possible.